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Cover Illustration: Pipistrellus pygmaeus (Soprano pipistrelle). Photograph Alvin Helden

Contents of Volume 64 (2022)

Table of Contents

  • Winter bat activity at Cambridge University Botanic Garden. (T.S. Brook, E. Coates, L. Orchard, H. Leggett & C.V. Helm.) 3
  • Association between Tree Roosting Potential and Late Summer Bat Activity at Cambridge University Botanic Garden (R.C. Sewell, C.V. Helm & P.M.J. Brown) 15
  • The bryophytes of Cambridge University Botanic Garden resurveyed, 2021–22. (C.D. Preston) 25 [Appendix (EXCEL | CSV)]
  • The bryophytes of the Fleam Dyke, compared with those of the Devil’s Dyke (C.D. Preston & M.O. Hill) 33
  • Cherry Hinton East Pit Chalk Grassland and Invertebrate Monitoring (S. Williams) 46
  • Water beetles of drainage ditches in the Cambridgeshire Fens (M. Hammond & J. Graham) 58 [Appendix (HTML | PDF)]
  • Biodiversity monitoring at the King’s College wildflower meadow (C. Marshall, D. Mackay, S. Rosell, R. Watson, M. Wilkinson & S. Wallis) 64
  • Autumn Lady’s-tresses at Tydd Gote (L. Wilson) 71
  • Lower Wood Part 2: The Flowering Plants and Shrubs (D. Mackay) 79 [Appendix (EXCEL)]
  • The Flora of Cambridgeshire Churchyards (J. Shanklin) 89
  • Travels of a Cambridgeshire Naturalist: Leonard Jenyns 1824–1842 (T. Carter) 95 [Appendix (HTML | PDF)]
  • Historical Lepidoptera collection in Bordighera (NW Italy): Considerations about specimens from the United Kingdom (UK) (E. Carta) 99 [Appendix (HTML | PDF)]
  • Allotment Biodiversity (J. O’Boyle) 104 [Appendix (HTML | PDF)]
  • Trumpington Meadows. A report on the CNHS Field Studies area of 2021 (J. Shanklin) 106
  • Cambridge Natural History Society Excursions 2021 (J. Shanklin) 113
  • Cambridge Natural History Society: activities in 2020 (M. Frisch) 116
  • Cambridge Natural History Society: activities in 2021 (M. Frisch) 117
  • Hayley Wood Study Group (M. Frisch) 118
  • Bryophyte records (M. Burton & C.D. Preston) 119
  • Vascular Plant Records 2021 (A.C. Leslie) 122
  • Weather Diary January – December 2021 (K. Martyr) 132




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