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Cover Illustration: Violet Carpenter Bee (Xylocopa violacea) (Photograph: Roger Few)

Contents of Volume 62 (2020)

Table of Contents

  • Management at Wicken Fen – maintaining the variation (J.O. Mountford & T.H. Sparks) 3
  • Some Cambridgeshire microfungi from wetland sites (C.D. Preston) 17
  • New chalk grassland communities beside the Devil’s Ditch (A.C. Leslie) 21
  • ‘Cornish pasties’ in the Botanic Garden (Pete Michna) 25
  • The bryophytes of the Devil’s Dyke, Cambridgeshire (C.D. Preston and M.O. Hill) 26
  • An update on the history, ecology and fate of Fen Ragwort (Jacobaea paludosa) in Britain (Peter Stroh) 39
  • Spotted Flycatchers in Cambridgeshire (Michael Holdsworth) 46
  • Snakes in the grass: the misidentification of adders (Steven J.R. Allain) 51
  • The ongoing monitoring of slow worms (Anguis fragilis) at Wandlebury Country Park (Steven J.R. Allain & Iain H. Bray) 54
  • Impact of bat friendly lighting on bat activity and bat species diversity at Coe Fen and Sheep’s Green, Cambridge (Johanna Chesham) 56
  • A recent arrival: the Violet Carpenter Bee (Stephen P. Tomkins) 62
  • The story of Arthur’s Meadow (Philip H. Oswald) 64 [Appendix 1 (HTML | PDF)]
  • Cherry Hinton: A Report on the CNHS Field Studies of 2019 (Jonathan Shanklin) 72
  • The Arctic to Antarctica and places in between: a brief review of the Cambridge Natural History Society 2019 talks programme (Monica Frisch) 75
  • A natural history of Cambridge (NatHistCam) (Mark Hill) 76
  • Bryophyte records (M. Burton & C.D. Preston) 77
  • Vascular Plant Records 2019 (A.C. Leslie) 80
  • Weather notes from Cambridge University Botanic Garden 2019 (Katie Martyr, Pete Michna & John Kapor) 88
  • UK’s hottest ever temperature recorded at CUBG (Sally Petit) 89
  • Cambridgeshire’s mosses & liverworts: a dynamic flora. (Sam Bosanquet) 90
  • The Great Fen: A Journey through Time (Jonathan Graham) 93
  • The Fens: Discovering England’s Ancient Depths (Jonathan Graham) 94
  • Grassland plants of the British and Irish lowlands: ecology, threats and management (Jane Croft) 95
  • Muntjac and Water Deer, Natural History, Environmental Impact and Management (Vince Lea) 96
  • Flora of Cambridgeshire (David Broughton) 98
  • Gigi Crompton (1922–2020) (Chris Preston) 100
  • Robin Stevenson (1942–2019) (Mark Hill) 102




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