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Cover Illustration: Wild Liquorice (Astragalus glycyphyllos) (Photograph: Peter Stroh.)

Contents of Volume 61 (2019)

Table of Contents

  • The development of Kings Dyke Nature Reserve, Whittlesey (Philip Parker) 3 [Tables | Appendix]
  • It's the pits - a Fenland Flora retrospective on plant hunting around Whittlesey (Owen Mountford & Jonathan Graham) 11
  • The current state of moth recording in v.c.29 (Bill Mansfield) 22
  • Vascular plants in decline in Cambridgeshire (v.c.29) (Jonathan Shanklin) 28
  • Cambridge Science Park trees (John O'Boyle) 33
  • European Pear Rust (Gymnosporangium sabinae) in Cambridgeshire (C.D. Preston) 35
  • A new ladybird for Cambridgeshire (Peter M.J. Brown) 39
  • Wild Liquorice (Astragalus glycyphyllos) in Cambridgeshire (Peter A. Stroh) 42
  • North-east Cambridge A report on the CNHS field studies for 2018 (Jonathan Shanklin) 50
  • Gooseberry Galls and Lucombe Oaks: two unfamiliar species together (Philip Oswald) 56
  • The Conversazione of the Cambridge Natural History Society: an Update (Henry T. Tribe) 60
  • British floras by Cambridge authors: a 450-year sequence (C.D. Preston) 62
  • 'Cambridgeshire Flora records since 1538' finds a new home. (Toby Carter) 65
  • A natural history of Cambridge (NatHistCam) (Mark Hill) 66
  • Notes on the successful mitigation-driven translocation of slow worms (Anguis fragilis) at Wandlebury Country Park (Steven Allain, Mark Goodman & Aunald Jopling) 67
  • New records of midwife toads (Alytes obstetricans) in Cambridgeshire  (Steven J. R. Allain & Mark J. Goodman) 69
  • Cambridge Amphibian Survey Report 2017 (Steven J. R. Allain & Mark J. Goodman) 70
  • Recent notable COLEOPTERA (Beetles) (Bill Mansfield) 75
  • Bryophyte records 2018 (M. Burton & C.D. Preston) 77
  • Vascular Plant Records 2018 (Alan Leslie) 78
  • REVIEW: Field Guide to the Ladybirds of Great Britain and Ireland (Jonathan Shanklin) 88
  • REVIEW: Flora of Great Britain and Ireland (Owen Mountford) 89
  • Weather notes from Cambridge University Botanic Garden, 2018 (Katie Martyr) 92




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