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Volume 59 (2017)

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Cover Illustration: Magpie Inkcap (Coprinopsis picacea) (Photograph: Jonathan Shanklin) See article on page 3.

Contents of Volume 59 (2017)

Table of Contents

  • Fungi in the Cambridge Botanic Garden. (J. Shanklin and H. Tribe) 3 [Appendix 1 | Appendix 2]
  • Invertebrate Survey on the Fleam Dyke IV. Beetles (J. Darlington and A. Drane) 6 [Appendix]
  • Silver Barred Moth at Chippenham Fen (Michael Taylor) 14
  • The Willow Emerald Damselfly in Cambridgeshire (Val Perrin) 19
  • Round-fruited Rush at the Ouse Washes (C. J. Cadbury) 21
  • Lichens in Mepal (Mark Powell, Louise Bacon and the Cambridge Lichen Group) 25 [Appendix]
  • Cambridgeshire Amphibian Survey Report 2015 (Steven J. R. Allain and Mark J. Goodman) 35
  • Introduced non-native amphibians and reptiles in Cambridgeshire 2010-2016 (Steven J. R. Allain, Liam T. Smith and Gary J. Miller) 44
  • Nightingales at St Ives Meadow lane pits 2012-2016 and in nearby areas 1994-2016 (Tim Reed) 50
  • Early-purple Orchids and Muntjac Deer in a Cambridgeshire wood. (Arnold Cooke & Martin Baker) 57
  • CNHS Report for 2016; Grantchester Meadows (Jonathan Shanklin) 64
  • How does your nature smell (Toby Carter) 68
  • Vascular Plant Records (Alan Leslie) 70
  • Bryophyte Records (M. Burton and C.D.Preston) 79
  • Willughby and Ray – a partnership revisited (C.D.Preston) 82
  • A Natural History of Cambridgeshire – an update (M.O. Hill) 91
  • Weather notes from Cambridge University Botanic Garden 2016 (Pete Michna) 92



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