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Volume 57 (2015)

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Cover Illustration: Bracket fungus (Ganoderma applanatum) galled by the Yellow Flat-footed Fly (Agathomyia wankowiczii). Photograph by the late Oliver Rackham. See obituary on page 143 and article on page 141.

Contents of Volume 57 (2015)

  • Flora of Chipppenham Fen (Alan Leslie) 3
  • A monitored restoration of a fenland plant community (S. Tomkins, R.C. Beecroft, C.J. Cadbury, P.H. Oswald & C. Turner) 43
  • Auchenorrhyncha of the Fleam Dyke (P. Kirby and J.P.E.C. Darlington) 54
  • Spiders of the Fleam Dyke (R. Symonds and J.P.E.C. Darlington) 72
  • Woolly Thistle in Cambridgeshire (C. James Cadbury) 85
  • Fen Violet at Wicken Fen NNR (Peter Stroh and Jane Croft) 91
  • Interrupted Brome in Cambridgeshire (Peter Stroh, A. Arbon, F. J. Rumsey & P. Michna) 97
  • Cambridgeshire Amphibian Survey Report 2014 (S. Allain and M. Goodman) 101
  • Lichenology in Cambridgeshire (M. Powell and Cambs. Lichen Group) 108
  • CNHS Report for 2014; West Cambridge and the Coton Footpath
    (Jonathan Shanklin) 115
  • Beginnings of the Cambridge Natural History Society (Henry Tribe) 124
  • Vascular Plant Records (Alan Leslie) 129
  • Bryophyte Records (M. Burton and C.D.Preston) 139
  • Invertebrate Report (Louise Bacon) 141
  • Leonard Jenyns Commemorative Window (Laurie Friday) 148
  • Weather notes from Cambridge University Botanic Garden 2014
    (Sally Hughes) 157


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