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Cover Illustration: Young Swift (Apus apus) gazing out from an artificial nest box. See article on page 48. Photograph courtesy of John Willis and the Fulbourn Swift Group.

Contents of Volume 56 (2014)

  • Great Dodder in Cambridgeshire (C.J. Cadbury and P. Harrington) 3
  • Ely Common: a contrast of high and low diversity. (E.V.J. Tanner and I. Venjakob) 10
  • The Hoverflies of Fendrayton Lakes (P. Herkenrath) 20
  • The Fenland Flora at the end of 2013 (O. Mountford and J. Graham) 29
  • Fleam Dyke Scuttle Flies (R.H.L. Disney and J.P.E.C. Darlington) 32
  • Swifts in Cambridgeshire (Dick Newell) 48
  • Hawthorns in Madingley and Coton (Karen Alexander) 52
  • CNHS Survey report on Great Kneighton (J. Shanklin) 62
  • Wet Winter and Marsh Orchids on Chippenham Fen (Helen and Terry Moore) 69
  • Vascular Plant Records (Alan Leslie) 72
  • Bryophyte Records (M. Burton and C.D.Preston) 79
  • Invertebrate Report (Louise Bacon) 81
  • Weather notes from Cambridge University Botanic Garden 2012 (Sally Hughes) 94


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