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Cover Illustration:
Tower Cress (Arabis turrita)
Photo by P H Oswald.

Contents of Volume 53 (2011)

  • An Annotated Check List of the Flora of the Devil's Ditch (A C Leslie) 3
  • Conservation of the Chalkhill Blue and other butterflies on the Devil's Dyke (Vince Lea) 24
  • Contributions towards a new algal flora of Cambridgeshire (Vice-county 29) VI. Phylum Chlorophyta continued. (Hilary Belcher, Eric George & Erica Swale) 28
  • Tasteless Water-pepper and Small Water-pepper in Cambridgeshire (C. James Cadbury) 32
  • Marsh Harriers breeding near Cambridge (Bob Jarman) 37
  • The role of road traffic in the near extinction of Common Toads in Ramsey and Bury (Arnold Cooke) 45
  • Tower Cress - A Cambridge speciality (Philip H Oswald) 51
  • Hemiptera of Coe Fen and Sheep's Green, Cambridge (Alvin Helden) 54
  • Fungi of Eversden Wood (John Holden) 57
  • Changes in the lichens of Chippenham Fen (Mark Powell) 61
  • Saving the Fulbourn Swifts (Rob Mungovan) 71
  • The Coton Coutryside Reserve Survey 2010 (Jonathan Shanklin) 73
  • Vascular Plant Records (Alan Leslie) 82
  • Bryophyte Records (T G Charman and C D Preston) 90
  • Invertebrate Records (Louise Bacon) 91
  • Weather Summary for 2010 (John Kapor) 99


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