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Cover Illustration 
Max Walters in the wildflower garden of Great St Andrews Church, Cambridge, in June 2000.

Contents of Volume 48 (2006)

  • Max Walters (Peter Grubb) 3
  • Ladybird recording in Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire (Peter Brown, Helen Roy and Michael Majerus) 12
  • Cambridgeshire Verbascums (Graham Easy) 16
  • Roads, toads and automobiles (Tim Sparks) 19
  • A 'Breckland-type' flora on Cambridge Science Park (David Barden) 20
  • Masked assassin in Girton (Tim Sparks) 23
  • Contributions towards a new algal flora of Cambridgeshire (Hilary Belcher, Eric George and Erica Swale) 24
  • Rummers Lane: A moss-rich Cambridgeshire orchard (C Robin Stevenson) 33
  • Cambridgeshire farm bird life over seven decades (Graham Easy) 44
  • Introduced 'look-alikes' and other difficult introduced plants in our Cambridgeshire flora (Peter Sell) 46
  • Three rare invertebrates at Wimpole (Simon Damant) 54
  • The Bee Wolf (Philanthus triangulum) (Bill Clark) 55
  • The fossil occurrence of Truncatellina cylindrica at the Babraham Road archaeological site, Cambridgeshire (Richard Meyrick) 57
  • The Barbastelle at Wimpole (Simon Damant and Chris Vine) 60
  • The distribution and ecology of two UK BAP moths in Cambridgeshire: the Square-spotted Clay
    and the Buttoned Snout (Robin Field and Paul Waring) 64
  • Additions to the bryophyte flora of Cambridgeshire in the last 50 years (C.D. Preston) 73
  • Coe Fen - a report on the CNHS Survey project for 2005 (Jonathan Shanklin and Steve Hartley) 80
  • From prairie farming to wildlife riches: the Countryside Restoration Trust (John Terry) 83
  • The Cambridge Natural History Society Year 2004-5 (Toby Carter) 85
  • A new Flora of Cambridgeshire (Nick Millar and Alan Leslie) 86
  • Natural History Bibliography of Cambridgeshire 2000-2005 (Toby Carter) 88
  • Vascular Plant Records (Alan Leslie) 91
  • Bryophyte Records (C.D. Preston and M.O. Hill) 96
  • Weather notes for Cambridgeshire 2005 (John Clarke) 103


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