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Cover Illustration: Hoverfly Callicera aurata by Simon Damant (see page 3) 

Contents of Volume 47 (2005)

  • Editorial (Henry Arnold) 2
  • Saproxylic Hoverflies at Wimpole Estate (Simon Damant) 3
  • Lepidoptera colonisation of a wetland created from arable farmland in Cambridgeshire (C James Cadbury) 8
  • Management for diversity: the sedge and litter vegetation at Wicken Fen NNR in 2004 (Owen Mountford, Adrian Colston and Martin Lester) 15
  • Ground beetle succession and the conservation status of High Fen (Kingfisher's Bridge) (P M J Brown and J Doberski) 24
  • A rare pseudoscorpion in Cambridge (Alex Sparks) 40
  • Song Thrushes and Snowdrops: some thoughts on nature recording (Max Walters) 41
  • Space for People: Targeting action for woodland access (Tim Sparks) 42
  • The Flora of Walls and Buildings in the Isle of Ely (R M Payne) 43
  • Pellitory-of-the-woods (Philip Oswald) 59
  • Some preliminary observations on algae and associated microorganisms of subaerial habitats, particularly among mosses, near Cambridge
    (Hilary Belcher and Erica Swale) 60
  • Bird populations and communities at Hope Farm, Knapwell 2003 - 2004 (Peter Bircham) 68
  • Restoring Histon Brook- a report of the first year (Rob Mungovan) 73
  • Mare Fen-A brief history of a wet place (Tim Parish) 80
  • William Farren (1865- 1952), taxidermist: do you know this man? (P A Morris) 83
  • The performance of self-sown and planted Ash (Fraxinus excelsior) trees in Girton Wood (Tim Sparks and Phil Croxton) 85
  • Doggett - the Cambridge animal doctor and taxidermist (P A Morris) 86
  • Vascular Plant Records (Alan Leslie) 86
  • Bryophyte Records (C D Preston and M O Hill) 92
  • Weather Notes for Cambridgeshire (John Clarke) 98


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