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Cover Illustration: Water Vole (Arvicola terrestris) by Graham Easy. (see page 3)

Contents of Volume 46 (2004)

  • Editorial (Henry Arnold)
  • The catastrophic 99.8% crash of the Water Vole population of Cambridgeshire between 1989 and 1997 (D.J. Jefferies, R. Strachan and C.Strachan)
  • Water Voles in Cambridgeshire (John Green and Martin Baker)
  • Preliminary observations on some puddles around Cambridge (Hilary Belcher and Erica Swale)
  • No further loss of Cambridgeshire hedgerows? (Phil Croxton, Lucy Hulmes and Tim Sparks)
  • Wildlife along the Coton Footpath (Jonathan Shanklin)
  • Native crayfish conservation in Cambridgeshire (Rob Mungovan)
  • An introduction to habitat enhancement on the River Shep (Rob Mungovan)
  • Some recent work on nationally scarce moths in Cambridgeshire (1987 - 2003) (Paul Waring)
  • The black squirrels of Cambridgeshire (Sheila Pankhurst and Alison Thomas)
  • Cambridgeshire Bats - an update. The work ofthe Cambridgeshire Bat Group. (Val Perrin)
  • Grimmia trichophylla and related mosses in Cambridgeshire (R.D. Porley, C.D. Preston and M.O. Hill)
  • Fungi in the Cambridge Botanic Garden (Henry Tribe)
  • Additional records of Cambridgeshire Myxomycetes (Bruce Ing)
  • The breeding songbird population of Wicken Fen (P.M.M. Bircham)
  • Vascular Plant Records (Alan Leslie)
  • Bryophyte Records (C.D. Preston and M.O. Hill)
  • Weather Notes for Cambridgeshire (John Clarke)


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