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Cover Illustration 
Fallow Deer (Dama dama) adapted from The Natural History of Animals, Vol II by Carl Vogt and Friedrich Specht, London. (c. 1889). (see page 49)

Contents of Volume 45 (2003)

  • Editorial (Henry Arnold) 2
  • Kingston Wood (Peter Reynolds) 2
  • Notes on the phytoplankton of the Great Ouse river and its tributary the Cam (Hilary Belcher and Erica Swale) 29
  • Ditch flora of the Ouse Washes (Cambridgeshire/Norfolk) revisited in 2001 (C. J. Cadbury, M. Prosser and H. Wallace) 37
  • Hayley Wood - deer counts and deer fences. (Ray Symonds) 49
  • Water Shrews in Cambridgeshire. (John Green) 61
  • Water quality and the aguatic flora of the Ouse Washes: an histoncal perspective (C. Newbold) 64
  • A mass occurrence of the blue-green alga Nostoc microscopicum Carmichael resistant to the herbicides Ronstar and Casoron. (Hilary Belcher and Erica Swale) 70
  • Gigi Crompton retires from the post of vice-county
    recorder for Cambridgeshire, vc29. (Max Walters) 70
  • Vascular Plant records (A.C. Leslie) 71
  • Bryophyte records (C.D. Preston and M.O. Hill) 76
  • Cambridge Conservation Volunteers 40th Anniversary a great success 86
  • Weather notes for Cambridgeshire 2002 (John Clark) 88


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