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Elodea canadensis, adapted from the Supplement to the English Botany of the late Sir J.E.Smith and Mr. Sowerby. Vol V 1863. See page 40.

Contents of Volume 44 (2002)

  • Editorial (Henry Arnold) 2
  • The Wild Juniper, Juniperus communis, in Cambridgeshire Part 2 (Max Walters) 2
  • Notes on Cambridgeshire Brambles (Alan Leslie) 7
  • Willughby and Ray, and birds in Seventeenth Century Cambridgeshire (J J Hall) 13
  • Temporal changes in ground beetle assemblages at a re-created wetland site in the Cambridgeshire fens. (Julian Doberski and Leigh Lyle) 21
  • Uncommon Cambridgeshire freshwater algae (Polytoma, Hyalobrachion, Collodictyon, Chroodactylon and Porphyridium) and common but
    rarely recorded purple sulphur bacteria. (Hilary Belcher and Erica Swale) 33
  • The luxuriant regrowth of plants on two glyphosate treated set aside fields in Histon, Cambridgeshire (Hilary Belcher and Erica Swale) 37
  • 'Babingtonia pestifera' - the explosive spread of Elodea canadensis and its intellectual reverberations (Chris Preston) 40
  • Book Review (Tim Sparks) 49
  • Vascular Plant records (Chris Preston and Gigi Crompton) 50
  • Bryophyte records (Chris Preston and Mark Hill) 55
  • The Friends of the Roman Road and Fleam Dyke (Julia Napier) 58
  • The Cam Valley Forum (Elizabeth O'Beirne Ranelagh) 60
  • Obituary
    - Ruth Richens (Philip Oswald and Bridget Smith) 62
  • Weather Notes for Cambridgeshire 2001(John Clarke) 64


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