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Cover Illustration 
"EQVISETVM maius cum asparagis nouellis"- woodcut of Great Horsetail Equisetum telmateia in Matthias de Lobel's Plantarum seu Stirpium Historia of 1576 (see pp. 10-11) Cambridge University Library

Contents of Volume 40 (1998)

  • Editorial Philip Oswald 2
  • A mare's-nest of horsetails: John Ray's treatment of "Equisetum" in his Cambridge Catalogue (1660) (P.H. Oswald & C.D. Preston) 2
  • A sighting of a 'Monarch' butterfly in Cambridgeshire (O.D. Cheesman) 19
  • A provisional atlas of bush-crickets, grasshoppers
    and allied insects in 'old' Cambridgeshire (Adrian Colston) 20
  • The Kingfisher's Bridge Wetland Creation Project:
    a report from the project's inception to autunm 1996 (Stephen Tomkins) 37
  • Cambridgeshire myxomycetes revisited (Bruce Ing) 53
  • The identification and distribution of freshwater mussels in the River Cam catchment (David Aldridge) 61
  • Isolepis setacea, a new plant for Wicken Fen? (Rosemary Parslow) 69
  • Desmids (Algae, Chlorophyceae) from a Cambridgeshire footbridge (Hilary Belcher & Erica Swale) 70
  • Moss that grows on skulls: a curious old remedy run to earth in Cambridge (Hilary Belcher & Erica Swale) 74
  • Reviews:
    - Plant Variation and Evolution (3rd edition) (H.L.K. Whitehouse) 76
    - British Plant Communities Volumes 2-4 (Philip Oswald) 77
  • Fifty-three years in the Cambridge University Herbarium (Peter Sell) 79
  • Obituary:
    - John C. Faulkner (1904-1997) (Franklyn Perring) 83
  • Vascular plant records (G. Crompton & C. D. Preston) 84
  • Bryophyte records (C.D. Preston & H.L.K. Whitehouse) 85
  • Weather notes for Cambridgeshire 1997 (J. W. Clarke) 87


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