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Cover Illustration (Department of Plant Sciences)
Students on the lawn by the Scholars' or Pagoda Tree on the Downing Site, Cambridge (see p. 23)

Contents of Volume 38 (1996)

  • Editorial (Philip Oswald) 2
  • Temporal and spatial patterns of temporary pond organisms (Laurie E. Friday, Robert A. McCall, Harriet L. G. Elson & Martin G. Walters) 3
  • Wicken Fen -an appeal for floral and faunal records (Laurie Friday) 15
  • Corrigenda: The Cambridgeshire Dragonfly Survey 1991-1993 15
  • Thermokarst landforms in the Cambridge area (Steve Bareham) 16
  • The Scholars' or Pagoda Tree Sophora japonica on the Downing Site, Cambridge (S.M. Walters) 23
  • Swamp Stonecrop (Crassula helmsii) in Cambridgeshire (S.M. Walters) 24
  • Madingley Wood (Oliver Rackham & David E. Coombe) 27
  • The Rook Corvus frugilegus in Cambridgeshire (Graham Easy) 55
  • Two annual crane's-bills in Cambridge streets and gardens (Philip Oswald) 62
  • Barn Owl pellets - a practical insight into nocturnal life for Cambridgeshire schoolchildren (G. Alan Revill) 65
  • Obituary: Professor Paul W. Richards CBE (1908-1995) (Harold Whitehouse) 69
  • Some uncommon algae from Cambridgeshire waters (Hilary Belcher & Erica Swale) 71
  • Vascular plant records (G. Crampton & C.D. Preston) 75
  • Bryopbyte records (C.D. Preston & H.L.K. Whitehouse) 78
  • Weather notes for Cambridgeshire 1995 (J. W. Clarke) 79


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