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Cover Illustration: One of two fine Black Poplars surviving near the River Cam at Fen Ditton (see article by Graham Easy) Ray Symonds

Contents of Volume 33 (1991)

  • Editorial (Philip Oswald) 2
  • The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire (Katherine Campbell) 3
  • The change in status of raptors in old Cambridgeshire
    since 1945 (P.M.M. Bircham and W.J. Jordan) 4
  • Macro-invertebrates as water quality indicators in Bin Brook, a polluted Cambridge clay stream (Steve Boreham) 4
  • The National Trust Wicken Fen Local Management Committee 14
  • Edited extracts from the Annual Report for 1989 (J.M. Lock) 20
  • Orchis morio in old Cambridgeshire (Robert Payne) 23
  • Ray's Butterbur still in Paradise! (S.M. Walters 25)
  • The Revd John Hemsted (1747?-1824) (Philip Oswald) 26
  • The cherries and plums of Cambridgeshire (Peter Sell) 29
  • The Magog Trust (Christopher South) 39
  • Review:
  • - Wild Flowers of the Mediterranean by I. and P. Schönfelder (S.M. Walters) 41
  • Thorea, Bangia and other freshwater red algae in Cambridgeshire (Hilary Belcher and Erica Swale) 42
  • Black Poplars Populus nigra in Cambridgeshim (Graham Easy) 45
  • A mystery field at Swavesey in 1990 (Gigi Crompton) 49
  • Southern European cornfield weeds growing at Newmarket (Graham Easy) 50
  • Lemna minuscula in Cambridge (CD. Preston) 52
  • Wall Lettuce Mycelis muralis in the Cambridge area (S.M. Walters) 54
  • Cambridgeshire Flora Group (Gigi Crompton) 60
  • Vascular plant records (Gigi Crompton and Derek Wells) 65
  • Bryophyte records (CD. Preston and HL.K. Whitehouse) 67
  • Charophyte records (C.D. Preston) 70
  • Weather notes for Cambridgeshire 1990 (J.W. Clarke) 70


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