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Cover Illustration: The 'cut' at Quy Fen, a relic of coprolite mining (see p. 21) Peter Wakely

Contents of Volume 32 (1990)

  • Editorial (Philip Oswald) 2
  • The history of the Madingley brickpits: contrasts in succession (D.E. Coombe, T.J.N. Mills and P. Upchurch) 3
  • Ranunculus calcareus and R. pseudofluitans in Cambridgeshire (Gina Murrell and Peter Sell) 14
  • The fossil fauna of the mid-Cretaceous of Cambridgesbire with particular attention to the reptiles (N.C. Fraser) 17
  • From arable farm to new town: changes in flora and fauna during the development of Bar Hill, Cambridgeshire, from 1966 to 1988 (Norman W. Moore) 27
  • A note on Cambridgeshire bulrushes (Graham Easy) 58
  • A desk survey of the Great Crested Newt Triturus cristatus in the old county of Cambridgeshire (Gary Burt) 59
  • The South African water plant Logarosiphon
    (Ridley) Moss and its occurrence in Cambridgesbire (Hilary Belcher and Erica Swale) 63
  • Macro-invertebrates as water quality indicators in two Cambridge chalk streams (Steve Boreham) 67
  • Reviews:
  • - The Macmillan Field Guide to British WildJlowers
    by Franklyn Pening and Max Walters (Philip Oswald) 73
  • - 'The Pat Whitehouse Show' (S.M. Walters) 76
  • Vascular plant records (Gigi Crompton and Derek Wells) 77
  • Bryophyte records (C.D. Preston and H.L.K. Whirehouse) 80
  • Weather notes for Cambridgeshire 1989 (J.W. Clarke) 83


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