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Cover Illustration: The Ouse Washes near Sutton Gault, looking northeast up the Old Bedford River (Peter Sell)

Contents of Volume 31 (1989)

  • Editorial Philip Oswald 2
  • The ephemeral pools of south Cambridgeshire (C.D. Preston) 2
  • The changing face of nature in Bassingbourn (1930s-1980s) (Peter Sell) 12
  • Butterflies and moths in suburbia (Colin Smith) 19
  • Bookreviews: Grantchester Church and its Churchyards by S.M. Walters (Francesca Greenoak) 27
  • Guide to the botanical gardens of Britain by M. Young (S.M. Walters) 29
  • Frogbit Hydrocharis morsus-ranae at the Nene Washes in 1988 (Robert Payne) 31
  • Breeding water birds in Cambridgeshire in 1988 (Graham Easy) 32
  • The habitat of Selinum carvifolio in Cambridgeshire (Martin O'Leary) 36
  • Year-by-year observations of Selinum carvifolio, Parnassia palustris and other species on Sawston Hall Moor (Margaret Meade) 43
  • A small nineteenth-century collection of Lepidoptera from Horningsea, Cambridgeshire (R. Colin Welch and
    J . N. Greatorex-Davies) 46
  • Nature conservation on the Devil's Ditch (Margaret Stanier) 48
  • Notes on the botany of the Girton road interchange, Cambridge (Erica Swale) 50
  • A one-year record of acid rain in east Cambridgeshire (Wendy Fagence) 54
  • Notes on birds in Hayley Wood (Peter Conder) 56
  • Spreading meadow-grass Poa subcaernlea Sm. (P.J.0. Trist) 57
  • Ferns at Wicken Fen (S.M. Walters) 61
  • Vascular plant records (G. Crompton) 62
  • Bryophyte records (C.D. Preston and H.L.K. Whitehouse) 65
  • Weather notes for Cambridgeshire 1988 (J.W. Clarke) 67


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