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Cover Illustration: Pasqueflower Pulsatilla vulgaris, reproduced by kind permission of the Cambridge University Librarian from Richard Relhan's (1785) Flora Cantabrigiensis

Contents of Volume 30 (1988)

  • Editorial (Philip Oswald) 2
  • Cambridgeshire Wildlife Trust 3
  • Cambridge Natural History Society 3
  • Hildersham Furze Hills (P J.O. Trist) 4
  • More about soil shapes, polygons and fairy rings (D.E. Coombe) 13
  • Buzz pollination of comfrey at Wicken Fen (Naomi Saville and Hilary Chapman) 16
  • Scuttle flies in Hayley Wood (R.H.L. Disney) 21
  • Notes on birds in Hayley Wood (Peter Sell) 23
  • Book review: New thinking in the identification
    of flowering plants (S.M. Walters) 25
  • Highlights of a botanical year (G. Crompton) 27
  • A mass occurrence in Cambridge of Nostoc commune Vaucher (Hilary Belcher and Erica Swale) 29
  • Butterflies and butterfly-watching in Cambridgeshire (T.J. Bennett) 31
  • A census of the small mammals in Fulbourn
    Educational Nature Reserve (Martin Popplewell) 35
  • Fifty years of the Cambridge Bryological Excursions (P.W. Richards and H.L.K. Whitehouse) 41
  • Urricularia vulgaris, an aquatic carnivore at Wicken Fen (Laurie E. Friday) 50
  • The B.S.B.I. Monitoring Scheme in TL 45 (Graham Easy) 54
  • Recording in Tetrad W of Grid Square TL 45 in 1987 (C.D. Preston) 58
  • Vascular plant records (G. Crompton) 59
  • Bryophyte records (C.D. Preston and H.L.K. Whitehouse) 61
  • Weather notes for Cambridgeshire 1987 (J.W. Clarke) 63


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