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Cover Illustration (Graham Easy)
Mallard on the River Cam

Contents of Volume 29 (1987)

  • The reborn Nature in Cambridgeshire (S. M. Walters) 2
  • The population of mallards on the River Cam at Cambridge (Iain D.S. Brodie) 5
  • History and experimentation in the management
    of Wicken Fen (T.A. Rowell) 14
  • Some Cambridgeshire birds of about 5,000 years ago (Marjorie Northcote) 20
  • Spiked speedwell, soilstripes and polygons, and the
    vanishing chalk heaths of Cambridgeshire (D. E. Coombe) 26
  • The effect of management on insect species richness at Wicken Fen (D. M. Unwin) 37
  • Book reviews:
  • Hoverflies (Duncan Unwin) 41
  • The History of the Countryside (Peter Sell) 42
  • Heathlands (R. H. Marrs) 44
  • A survey of the breeding birds of Hayley Wood (Tony D. and Joanna H. Williams) 47
  • Bats in Cambridgeshire (Tony Smith) 58
  • The dactylorchids of Wicken Fen (Peter Sell) 69
  • Changes in the new Hayley Lane Hedge (Julia Hutchinson) 72
  • Vascular plant records (G. Crompton) 74
  • Bryophyte records (C.D. Preston and H.L.K. Whitehouse) 77
  • Weather notes for Cambridgeshire 1986 (J.W. Clarke) 79


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